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Posted on 03. Dec, 2010 by afanley in Reviews

Quick Facts

Product Name: Illusion Mage
Standard Price: $77
Author: Domain Administrator
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 05th Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

You’ll be able to get Illusion Mage from their web site by clicking here. Please note that the price as listed above might have changed since publishing this review. Purchasing through this link entitles you to our Illusion Mage purchase bonus.

Publisher’s Description

The Easiest Way To Create Your Own 3D Animations With This 3D Studio Professional Program – 3D Max Maya Lightwave

  • Creating Models of Human Faces & Cartoon Characters
  • “Look Over My Shoulders” Video Modelling Guide
  • Creating a soft body object (jelly-like)
  • Learn to create a hillside environment
  • Building a spiral staircase and a die
  • Playing with lighting and area lights
  • Creating Waves with Particle Engine
  • Using Advanced Tools & Techniques
  • Creating a realistic human face
  • Basic modelling/Material/Light

User Reviews

Illusion Mage Review4.61022
  1. Isaac Oneil December 2010 #
    Wow this software is incredible. I have owned Maya, 3DMax and PoserPro. I can tell you, this is by FAR, the easiest software to use
  2. Marie Rocha December 2010 #
    This is an excellent 3D animation program. I highly recommed this software if you are looking to venture in the world of animations. And the current sale price makes it a great deal.
  3. Thomas Noel December 2010 #
    Incredible, unbelievable, awesome..are a few words I can say about IllusionMage. After using 3D modeling software for engineering, I truly believed that 3D animations are a tough task. But after using IllusionMage, I can say that it is easy to learn and use. With dedication, one can master this art very soon using such an easy-to-use software.
  4. blenderavenger February 2011 #
    This software is Blender 3D in disguise, don´t get fooled you can downloadit for free at the whole pages are a scam!!!
  5. john February 2011 #
    Man, this software looks a whole lot like the free open source Blender 3D program. Even some of the screenshots they use on their home page are from that program’s website.
  6. Bob February 2011 #
    This scam program is just an outdated version of Blender. All of the stuff they are trying to sell you can be found legally, up to date, more powerful, and free at, and the tutorials can be found at DON’T GET RIPPED OFF.
  7. Thwaco March 2011 #
    Why would u call it a scam then give it 8 stars?
  8. Russell Schiwal March 2011 #
    Blender is an open source product. It is legal to recode, repackage and sell as long as you give credit to where you have recieved the code. (The Blender Foundation may have something else to say on the matter.) I have paid well over a hundred dollars on books, plus built a new computer to run Blender. If the interface has been reccoded and simplified, plus the tutorials are comprehensive and complete and not plagerised, then there is no ripoff. Either way, I’ll stick with Blender.
  9. Leee March 2011 #
    Illusion Mage is stolen variation of the FREE open source software called Blender. It is a SCAM! If you do a Google search for Illusion Mage, you will see a whole bunch of fake “review” websites set up telling you how great this software is. The reviews (which are all closed to comments) are created either by the company/individual that is trying to scam you or one of it’s affiliate members. Don’t buy it. Don’t get ripped off!
  10. Paulus March 2011 #
    The first hint is the reviews are all done by the same people, same wording on all the different fake review sites. I hope that they get in trouble for selling free source material. If it is too good to be true, sadly it is .. Bright side!! Blender is free so if you did see this review you saved yourself from spending money!
  11. Reh Dogg April 2011 #
    Thank you guys for saving me from getting ripped off. I was searching for a new 3d software. I currently use iclone but wanted something as user friendly but looks better.
  12. Bert May 2011 #
    Its a bit of a scam and a no so bad product. It is misleading in the sense that the software use is open source and therefore, free to begin with. Mostly it’s a Blender tutorial. Blender is the top open source 3D software and tutorials can be found for free all over the place, in and YouTube. That being said, it was a good idea to bundle all together and sell it as a tutorial product… shame of you for letting people believe there was that much effort making it and charging so much for the delux product. If you would of tell the truth and price it accordingly, you could of make more money and build a better reputation… shame shame shame
  13. Mike May 2011 #
    I’ve bought IllusionMage and I LOVE it. It is NOT a scam. It comes with hours and hours of video tutorials and it is a great way to get started with 3d animation.
  14. frances June 2011 #
    thanks for pointing out the copyright violations etc. Blender did post a reply under their “Press” section in January, i just found out. Mainly that it would cost too much to sue and that “sunlight is a good disinfectant” ie get the word out. as a total novice here, i did wonder if the interface is any simpler with the Illusionmage label or if its still what Blender has? and why are you still promoting its sale?
  15. Johnson June 2011 #
    This is a great product and it is NOT a scam. I’ve just bought it and it is different from Blender. The rendering is MUCH faster with a cleaner, easy to use interface and there are integrated video tutorials in the program. To call it “Blender” would be unfair.
  16. Lin 2010 July 2011 #
    Faster or slower, cleaner or dirtier, it’s Blender in flesh and bones…if you don’t mind. So I wish you “happy blending”. Don’t worry, nobody will stop you loving IllusionMage or 3DMagix, not even the Blender Community, haha. It’s just about money, that’s all… I invite all IllusionMage (or 3DMagix) users to join Blender Artists and post their work there. Viva software libre!

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